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About Nicki & Stef

I’m Nicki. Well, really it’s Nicole but that name just never stuck - too formal for a girl like me. I’m a casual, open-hearted, sarcastic, fun-loving, annoyingly positive, spiritual nut who looks for love, fun, and magic in everything I do, see, or experience. I’ve worked in some mixture of fun, entertainment, and education for nearly twenty years. I even spent ten years as a massage therapist and energy healer. Between the fun stuff and the wacky energy stuff, I can make for a pretty entertaining dinner guest.

Twenty years ago, I met a Texan online (via an AOL chat room and dial-up internet). We long-distance dated for a year and a half then I dragged his butt to Utah (the “vanilla state” as he puts it) to be with me. I’m a proud mom of two girls, ten years apart, who are best friends but could not possibly be more different.

Stef has been one of my best friends since we were two years old. We have a lot of different views but since we are REAL grown-ups, we can have differing views, listen to each other, and still be friends. We constantly have identical thoughts at the same time, finish each other’s sentences, and basically read each other’s minds. If that’s not soul-sisters I don’t know what is.  

My name is Stefanie...yes with "an" F, or is it with "a" F.  Way back when in school, I remember learning that you use "an" before a word that starts with a vowel & "a" before a consonant starting word.  While "F" is a consonant, it sounds like "eff", which starts with a vowel...and "an" just sounds better before F, so Stef with "an" F it is!!!  I am an extremely opinionated, grammar judging (obviously), travel loving, wanna be Josh Gates treasure finder (you know who Josh Gates is, right?), adventure seeker, inappropriate, sarcastic, eye roller, friend for life, sometimes rambler (a lot sometimes), mom of 4.  I should say "older" mom of 4, as my kids are NOT toddlers, or little...BUT I am NOT OLD, they are!  I am a mom of "older" kids.  Not yet an empty nester, but not too needed at home, unless it's for money or to hang out with, because I'm just that awesome.  In fact, I'm sure that's the only reason I'm needed, I mean what kid needs money?


A few months ago one of my very best friends from, well forever ago, contacted me because she wanted to go hiking with me.  I try to go every day, and I stress "try".  Do I really try...I mean, I love it and I post pictures of me doing it (which is how she knew to ask), but if it's too hot, or too cold, or I'm too tired, or not bored enough, I probably don't go.  Really, the one thing that doesn't keep me from going is distance, because I literally can walk out my front door to go!  While we are at it, add easily distracted to the above list, probably next to the part about how I ramble!!!  I was SUPER excited she asked me, and the thing is, a lot of people ask (wow - that sounds a bit conceited), but they don't really follow through.  BUT, she was serious and I was excited.  We hadn't hung out in the longest years & years!  She was my OLDEST friend...was, she IS my oldest friend!!!  I mean that in a non-ancient way...she's my age & we have been friends since we were 2 YEARS OLD!!!  A long effing time!  I mean that in a "stef with an f" kind of effing, because I'd never swear!  Ok, you can also add exaggerator to my list that the right word?


Long story short...we got together every weekday to hike, at first, but the hike soon turned to walking a trail, with shade, when it got hotter. Yes, our exercise goals kind of went the wrong way, as far as you should probably work up to harder things and not go from hiking a mountain to walking a trail, but it ended up being SO MUCH MORE than exercise.  It was so fun to just talk. Talk about anything that came to mind.  We talked about absolutely everything, funny things, happy things, and what we wish we would have known way back when.  All those conversations eventually lead to this...a blog about our opinions, trials & errors on absolutely everything about life and how to, not only be determined to make the best of it, but have the right spirit & spunk to ENJOY it!  Because IF you aren't enjoying your life, you're doing it WRONG!!!

Helping you face the mountains of life with passion, strength, optimism, and fun!

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