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37 Fun Fall Things to Do [for Adults in 2020]

It's time. Time we stop thinking about all the things we CAN'T do, and start considering those we CAN! There are a million and five blogs out there with ideas for what fun things you can do with kids this time of year. But if you haven’t figured this out yet, we're both nearly empty nesters. Sure, we still love to do things with our big kids, but they have their lives and we have ours. It’s healthy for us to think about the different kinds of fun we can have with our adult friends and family. Someday we will both have grandkids and will then be in the rankings for BEST GRANDMAS EVER, but until that day here is our list for adult fun.


I had to throw this in out of necessity. These are the things we love about Fall and are pretty much on everyone’s list of Fall have to’s.

1. Light up the scents of Autumn. You know them: vanilla and brown sugar, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon. Whether it be candles, lotion, oils, or potpourri on the stove. I just ran to my local Home Goods and picked up my first fall candle of the season and I couldn’t wait to light it! It's not really Fall until the right scents are in the house!

2. Get out those warm clothes. Flannel Shirts, sweaters, hoodies. We get to crack out those cute boots you haven’t seen more months to go on your fall outings.

3. Rake and jump in the leaves. Enough said.

FALL FOOD - Ok, we couldn’t let an article about Fall go by without mentioning food. Seriously, it’s amazing I got this far without talking about it.

4. Start Baking! Pumpkin Bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin EVERYTHING! Wait you’ve never had pumpkin fudge? Well, stay tuned, we will post our favorite pumpkin recipes soon!

5. Make Pots of Hot Soup and Chili – This may be one of my favorite things about having the weather turn cold. Slurping on a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup just doesn’t have the same allure when is 95 degrees outside. I love soup, I love chili, and I love making them from scratch! No recipes here as I've never actually written them down, I just go by memory and taste. But I get excited to find new recipes on Pinterest to try! This year I'm looking at mastering French Onion Soup!

6. Make Those Sweet Hot Drinks - Have you ever attempted to make your own Cider, Fall flavored coffee creamers, or Hot Chocolate (anyone else hear the song from The Polar Express anytime they hear those two words?)? Now is your chance! Then share your recipes with us! Mmmmmm, just thinking about all the hot concoctions makes my body feel warm all over.

7. Make S'mores – Create an extreme S’mores Bar for family or friends. Offer a variety of alternatives to the traditional graham crackers, like chocolate or cinnamon graham crackers, shortbread cookies, fudge stripe cookies, mint cookies, chocolate chip cookies, square-shaped pretzels, or even Ritz or saltine crackers.

Add in more than just the basic chocolate candy bar with things like peanut butter cups, white chocolate bars, Oreos, cookies and cream candy bars, caramel, hazelnut spread, peanut butter, and almond butter.

Bring in some add-ins to make it over-the-top like mini chocolate chips, mini M&M’s, coconut flakes, fruit slices (strawberries, banana, raspberries, etc.), and cereal.

Not ready for that level of s’moring? Don’t worry, we collected recipes from some amazingly creative people for some of the most incredible s’more inspired recipes in S’MORES GONE WILD. Your welcome.

8. Pick and Applize Everything! A few years ago we (ok my husband) planted a Honey Crisp Apple tree, and we finally pulled a full bushel off it this year. Talk about the perfect mix of sweet and tart! No wonder they are usually $4 a pound! I love apples with a side of peanut butter or caramel. But my hubs loves them whole. In fact, he’ll down one in less than a minute, core and all. But apple possibilities are endless; Caramel Apples, apple pie, apple tarts, homemade apple sauce, dried apples.

GET SPOOKY - October is Halloween afterall!

9. Visit a Graveyard at Night. Why not? It’s only filled with graves and corpses of the deceased.

10. Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. Here’s the fun part, you can do this in person or even online. The web is filled with both in-person scripts or AND virtual parties, many are even free!

11. Visit a Ghost Town. We used to visit them when I was a kid. I had two uncles that were big outdoorsmen and would know about these mysterious places. This was before the internet, so they really were secrets. I remember being completely enthralled by the old things you could find there. I always watched for ghosts too, because in my head ghost town, meant ghost-ridden. No, I never did see one. Today, just a quick Wikipedia search will list every state’s list of these not so hidden gems.

12. Do Tarot Card Readings Under a Full Moon (which would be Halloween in October), or any night. Full disclosure, I’m not much a Tarot enthusiast, but I have friends who are. This can be a fun and insightful girls’ night!

13. Visit a psychic medium. You may not be able to schedule an appointment with the Long Island Medium or the Hollywood Medium but there are many others around the country who claim to have the gift. This is another one you can do virtually. Go in with a light heart, no expectations and you can’t be disappointed.

14. Watch Paranormal TV Shows or Online Videos. Grab the popcorn, there’s some crazy shit out there that gets captured on video all the time nowadays. My personal faves; The Dead Files, Ghost Adventures, The Haunting Of..., and Psychic Kids. Plus there's some great stuff on YouTube and TikTok!

15. Visit a Local Urban Legend Spot. Every town has them, the place that is haunted, a rumored crime scene, or place of a legendary urban tale. Get the permission of the owners of course, we don't encourage trespassing.

GET BOOZED – I admit it, I love a good adult beverage. Even more, I love the fall boozy rituals I have with my friends. It just makes the changing of the season that much better.

16. Update Your Liquor Cabinet with Fall Flavors. Bailey’s Irish Cream, Apple Pie Bourbon, Cinnamon Schnapps, Apple Brandy, the list goes on. Plus there are some really fun liquors that you should buy just for the bottle! Like Crystal Head Vodka, Red Rum, and 19 Crimes wine.

17. Go on a Wine or Distillery Tour. If you’ve never done a wine or distillery tour, I highly recommend it. Look locally for the tours and go for those with the best reviews. Depending on your state laws, you can do tastings, wine pairings, and more. Be sure to have a Lyft or Uber backup, just in case.

18. Make Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses. My friend and I have talked about doing this for three years now and I just told her this is going to happen THIS year. These cuties don’t even have to be for lushes like us, they can be filled with any fun beverage, loaded or unloaded.

19. Brew a Batch of Spiked Apple Cider. Apple cider brewing on the stove makes the house smell amazing. Add in a few ounces (or a bottle) of rum, bourbon, or brandy and it’s a whole new kind of amazing.

DECORATE - Seems obvious yes, but this year more than any other in recent history, we should be pulling out those decorations and breathing new and fun life into our stale pandemic-induced existence.

20. Decorate the Yard and/or Porch. I know what you’re thinking, “oh wow, how original.” But hey, let’s be real, more often than not, people DON’T decorate their yards. It doesn’t have to be all zombies coming out of the ground and leftover body parts strewn across the lawn (unless you’re into that). I guarantee there will be families visiting neighborhoods looking at fun decorations. A few lights, grave headstones, and/or inflatable ghost would be fun! A few years ago, I created this witch cauldron that I left on my front lawn and hung some witch hats from my front porch (I’ve done this one for almost 20 years). It wasn’t hard, or expensive. But it made people smile! You could make people really laugh by making a ridiculous scene with skeletons, witches, or zombies. I will usually include both Fall and Halloween items then just take out the spooky stuff and leave the autumn décor.

21. Make an Epic Fall Tablescape or Mantle. Yeah, you could plop a pumpkin down and few fake leaves and call it good, but why not go over the top? Jump on Pinterest for inspiration. The most fun I’ve had doing this is finding and reimagining things around my house or from the dollar area in Target. A can of paint does amazing things to thrift store items!

CRAFTING - even if you're not a "crafter" or "creative", there are a lot of things out there that you can do that aren't hard and don't take a lot of talent. I've led projects that the self-proclaimed "non-creative" person was actually the one with the best ideas. Just give it a try, if not for anything, just for the fun of it!

22. Carve Pumpkins – yes another basic one. But how about you have a friendly competition with friends or family members? It can be an in-person or virtual contest!

23. Make a Scarecrow. I haven't done this since I was a kid, but the memory still stays with me. He looked adorable and terrifying all at the same time on our front porch. A week after Halloween my brother and his friend drove off with our beloved scarecrow one weekend night. He was never heard from again.

24. Make a Costume from Stuff Around the House. Yes, another contest that could be in person or virtual. This could either be epic or stupid, depending on the enthusiasm of the participants. (in the case of the latter, may I suggest revisiting the section entitled “booze”.

I have seen some amazing costumes on husbands that came out of their wife’s closet. I also remember my husband letting my daughter dress him in her dress-up clothes once upon a time (think crowns, scarves, jewelry, and lipstick), it was heartwarming and hilarious. Provide your teams with things like cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, bubble wrap, toilet paper, and fabric and let them go wild.

25. Nature Crafting. These classic activities using products from nature never stop being fun, but often we haven’t done them for years. Go down nostalgia lane with pastime crafts like pinecone bird feeders with peanut butter, pressing leaves, leaf rubbings, painting rocks and sticks, etc. Check Pinterest for hundreds of fun ideas, with or without kids!

26. Get out the Blacklights. Blacklights have a mesmerizing effect on all ages. They transform a simple room into a place of magic and mystery. Buy some glow in the dark body paint and you just took it to the next level.

GO AND DO - Events may or may not be on hold in your area, but you can still have fun by making your own memories.

27. Go on a Hayride, or Better Yet Make Your Own. Hayrides are always a fall favorite, but with COVID, they may not be as easy to find this year. But My friends made the best homemade hayride, ever for a school festival using a large flatbed trailer, some strawbales, lights, and an inflatable in the truck bed. I can't help thinking how fun it would be for this to happen in neighborhoods, with social distancing and proper town permissions of course. Kids optional.

28. Visit a Corn Maze as Adults. My hubs and I went to one with the kids a few years ago. We broke off from them and had a blast going through it by ourselves! I can't wait to do it again as a date night!

29. Buy From a Local Farm Stand. I love going to these. There is something so beautiful about finding a local farmer to buy from. Yes, you might find some of the same stuff at your local grocery store, but the experience is lost. It feels good to buy local and know it’s freshly picked!

30. Go Antiquing – My mother-in-law got me hooked on this. The first time I met her we went antiquing in Galveston, Texas. She taught me the fun of finding old treasures and appreciating the stories behind them. You could even find awesome stuff for your fall porch décor!

31. Go Geocaching - With cooler weather, it's easier to spend time outdoors. Geocaching is a popular way to get in the great outdoors and play hide and seek with containers. Its basically a treasure hunt!

32. Dress up for Halloween. How long ago was it that you dressed up for real? Trick or treating may be a no-go this year for many, but that shouldn’t stop you! Do something crazy, or silly, or wicked. Just have fun! You can also throw a themed costume party on zoom. There are still a lot of people lockdown and parties are a no-no. But what about a virtual costume contest. This could be fun for people spread out across the country who wouldn't normally be able to come to your party anyway.

33. Learn about Dia de Los Muertos. Learn about this beautiful Mexican holiday and celebrate it in honor of your own ancestors.

34. Go on a Scavenger Hunt – There are some really fun Halloween scavenger hunt ideas out there. They don’t have to be the old knock on the neighbors' door kind, instead, opt for the kind with picture proof. Send your teams around town to specific locations, or looking for specific items and snap a cell phone picture with one or more of the players for evidence. The first team back wins!

35. Have a Witch (or Ghost) Hunt. This was a game I used to do with my kids and nieces and nephews when they were all little. We all agree it was SO FUN and they look forward to doing it with their kids. But the more I thought about it, you can definitely do this with adults or teens, in fact, I think it would be even MORE fun!

I created about 40 heavy black cardboard witch cutouts (mind you this was before Cricuts were invented) and I hid them all over the yard, My favorite area was in the grapevines along the fence. Once it got dark we sent out the teams, one kid with one adult ally. They had to hunt for all the witches with only a flashlight. It took about 30 minutes since the witches were black and hard to see, even with a flashlight. Everyone loved this game, even the adults, who got really into the competitive nature of it (aka pushing each other out of the way and stealing each other’s witches). The team with the most witches wins!

36. Socially Distanced Treats for Trick or Treaters – There are some fun ideas out there for those who still plan to go or have Trick or Treaters. I’ve seen ideas like placing a tube the candy slides down from the door to the kid, putting candy on sticks as if it’s growing all over the yard, tying candy to string and hanging it from trees, etc. Use your imagination and have some fun with it! We love the ideas for "No Contact Halloween Ideas" found on

37. Spend a Weekend at a Cabin in the Woods. This is so high on my list at this point I can’t even stand it. A getaway in the woods, a campfire, a flannel shirt, a bottle of aforementioned booze, and a guitar (if I knew how to play one I mean).

Do you have more ideas for Adult Fall Fun? Tell us about them below!

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