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3 Fantastic Months I Didn't Want to End

I'm wandering around Home Depot, looking for my next project that I probably won't start or finish and my phone rings. I look down and see that it is NOT a call I want to answer. It is a call I have been dreading and praying would not come! The worst phone call of my life!!! Ok, I may be exaggerating, because that IS what I do. It may not have been the worst phone call, I can think of much worse phone calls to get, but as far as phone calls felt like the worst.

First of all, let me back up. It is conspiracy theory loving, mask debating, political fighting, fear driven, country dividing COVID season (insert eye roll). The company I work for ASKED that everyone who could, please do their part and take a voluntary unpaid leave of absence for a set amount of time. After a long, twist my arm, couple of minutes...I decided to put in for 6-months leave. Almost immediately, I changed my mind, as I often always do, asked for more, but got only the 6 months.

Oh. My. What will I do with ALL THIS TIME??? EVERYTHING! Everything I haven't been able to get to because I have work, school, sports...actually mostly sports if I think about it! But first, I get to hang with the family, because for the first time in years, we are all home. My son, who has been living in Iceland for the last 2 years, is home. My other son and his new wife who live in Florida, are home...Florida is officially closed (so funny to say and yet not funny at the same time). My 2 kids still in school, are now teaching themselves at home... I have EVERYONE home...7 of us here with no school, no practices, no games, no shopping NOTHING! Nothing to do but play Playstation, do puzzles, COOK DINNER (capitalized to emphasize how much I haven't been doing that for the last 15 years or so), binge watch Outer Banks with my kids till 7am, sleep till noon, buy 2 ducks (emotional purchase - they are CUTE), build a duck house, go hiking at 5am with friends, buy a new car, take a nap, go boating, learn to dirt bike, wonder why I haven't been dirt biking before now, buy a couple more dirt bikes, hire a cleaner...because, I can't get to that - there are 7 people here! Go to Yellowstone, go to Yellowstone again because I didn't see the right animals the week before. BEST 3 1/2 months of my entire life!!! MY. ENTIRE. LIFE. Now, to get to those projects I need to do... wait, they've been interrupted by that phone call I was talking about...THIS is why the phone call was so unwelcoming.

With tears in my eyes, I answered the call and had I been alone and not in a store full of people when I received this phone call, I would have sobbed. This is not because I don't love my job, but because I was not ready for my time off to end so abruptly. I AM NOT READY!

As ready as I am not, today was the day. I woke up to that HORRIFIC "Radar (default)" iPhone alarm sound! Please tell me that just hearing that sound makes you as grumpy as it does me! I know you KNOW the IRRITATING! My dad uses it as a ring tone for his phone!!! What??? Why!!!???...smh Anyway, I'm awake, and clearly not in the best mood now. I definitely need to remember to turn on my Bedtime alarm to Birdsong tomorrow! I'm out the door, in completely the wrong mood, a mood that carried me throughout the morning. Instead of seeing the positive, I am only focusing on the negative...which isn't like me, but this wasn't my idea for the day and I don't want to be happy about it! I finally stop and have a chat with myself... What is the point in being mad??? Does it make people feel sorry for you? No. Does it change anything? No. Then freaking make the best of it. In all honesty, pouting isn't hurting anyone besides yourself. Nobody else cares!

It sounds so stupid, but it is such an easy fix that you've heard a million times. Focus on the positive, because not only does that make me a person that other people would actually want to be around, but it makes me feel better inside, and ultimately, that is what we all want, right??? To feel better inside! To be feel JOY!'s to looking at the positive side because I really need it right now. If you just look on the positive side of things, you'll find that the BAD things aren't really as bad as you might think!

Just look at that sunrise I've been missing!

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